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(rŏb′ĭnz), Frederick Chapman 1916-2003.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for work on the cultivation of the polio virus.
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Choreographer Jerome Robbins kept the cast members who played the Jets and Sharks separate to heighten the tension between the gangs during the show.
The Jerome Robbins Theater will have sophisticated visual, sound, and design elements.
(While assembling the mammoth 1989 retrospective Jerome Robbins' Broadway, Robbins himself could not recall much of his earliest work.) The paucity of in-depth analysis and description is even more glaring in Dance with Demons, Robbins's first and only full-length biography, in which the demons take decided priority over the dance.
JEROME ROBBINS: THAT BROADWAY MAN/THAT BALLET MAN by Christine Conrad, Booth-Clibborn, London.
Fewer quotes on the repetitious order of "Jerry was very cruel, very cruel in rehearsals" would throw into sharper relief truly illuminating anecdotes such as an interchange during preparations in 1988 for "Jerome Robbins' Broad way," when featured player Jason Alexander told him, "I know why you have a demon ...
Caption: Miami City Ballet in Jerome Robbins' West Side Story Suite
She commissioned 62 works from artists like Lar Lubovitch, Jerome Robbins, and Twyla Tharp.
Her designs have illuminated, both physically and metaphorically, the works of Paul Taylor, Trisha Brown, Twyla Tharp, Jerome Robbins, Antony Tudor, Jiri Kylian, and most recently, Christopher Wheeldon.
"The feedback from those commercials has been incredible," marvels the 59-year-old Johnson, who is the last surviving person to be approved by the stage musical's original choreographer, the late Jerome Robbins, to re-create his work.
Children of the baby boom knew the choreography of Jerome Robbins before they knew his name.
A factoid-a-day calendar with more juicy tidbits than a Liz Smith column--both historical details and dish on such luminaries as Liberace, Jerome Robbins, Elton John, and, hey, even The Advocate.
A confession: I've never liked Jerome Robbins' West Side Story Suite for New York City Ballet as much as I think I should.