(yĕr′nə), Niels Kai 1911-1994.
Danish immunologist. He shared a 1984 Nobel Prize for pioneering immunology research.
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The immunomodulatory effect of Nabumetone on humeral resistance was investigated by haemagglutination assay (HA), Jerne hemolytic plaque formation and mice lethalitytests.
LA JERNE TERRY CORNISH has been appointed provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Ithaca College.
Jerne, "Towards a network theory of the immune system," Annales D'Immunologie, vol.
Humoral immune responses were evaluated by performing haemagglutination assay, mice lethality test and Jerne hemolytic plaque formation.
(Jerne) Linguistic theory should be exposed to the same methodological standards as any other science.
el sistema inmune y los Jerne anticuerpos monoclonales.
Since then, several similar studies have reported that some special anti-PRLR antibodies could exert PRL-like biological effects (Djiane et al., 1981; Okamura et al., 1989; Rui et al., 1994); another approach has been to prepare anti-idiotypic antibodies to PRL, which is based on the Network Theory of Jerne (1974).
Immune network theory is originally proposed by Jerne (Jerne, 1974).
In the first paragraph of this "weretale for six actors, five voices, two players," narrator Jerne Voltampere proffers fair warning: "Reader, do not doubt the truth of my words, for the tale I tell is a lie from beginning to end.
Jerne's idiotypic immune network: many researchers utilize the equation generated by Farmer et al.
A theory first postulated by Jerne in 1974 might also be of notable significance.
Estas redes idiotipicas actuarian regulando la respuesta inmunologica, de acuerdo a lo propuesto por Niels Jerne quien obtuviera el premio Nobel en 1984 por este descubrimiento.