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Walter C., 20th-century U.S. psychiatrist. See: Shipley-Hartford scale.
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Prime Minister Jenny Shipley's visit to Chile, Peru and Mexico this year left her enthusing about Latin America's importance to New Zealand.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and her husband Burton Shipley had an audience Monday with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, Imperial Household Agency officials said.
1999 Prime Minister Jenny Shipley concedes defeat in New Zealand's general elections.
In which country did Helen Clark replace Jenny Shipley as prime minister in 1999?
In which Commonwealth country did Helen Clark succeed Jenny Shipley as prime minister in 1999?
New Zealand will commit up to 800 troops to a multinational security force to restore order in East Timor, New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley announced Thursday.
Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said this year's meeting provided opportunities to effectively deal with international political issues.
New Zealand prime minister Mrs Jenny Shipley said yesterday that countries neighbouring Indonesia were in talks over East Timor, but it was too early to speculate about whether United Nations peacekeepers would be sent in.
Jenny Shipley, the Prime Minister, comments on New Zealand's task as Chair of APEC.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said Tuesday that Japan's reform of its economic system would create more demand for imports and benefit Asian countries currently under pressure from the financial crisis.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Jeffrey and Mary Archer and their son James settled their phone-hacking claims against News Group Newspapers BIRTHDAYS: Alice Cooper, rock singer, 68; Dan Quayle, US politician, 69; Jenny Shipley, former New Zealand prime minister, 64; Gabrielle Anwar, actress, 46; Bobbie Goulding, rugby league coach and former player, 44; Natalie Imbruglia, actress/singer, 41; Gavin DeGraw, musician, 39; Kimberly Wyatt, singer/dancer, 34.