Craig, Jenny

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Jenny, 20th century businesswoman, founder of weight-loss program that bears her name.
Jenny Craig diet - program that focuses on healthy eating, activity, and one-on-one consultations to achieve goal weight.
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The study randomized 417 women to one of two groups: a Jenny Craig diet plus counseling or to limited counseling and encouragement to exercise.
News and World Report as the 2014 Best Overall Diet among 32 popular diets including Weight Watchers and the Jenny Craig Diet, which are endorsed by Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson.
9 October 2013 - Swiss food giant Nestle SA (VTX:NESN) is looking for buyers of its Jenny Craig diet brand and is holding talks with a small group of parties that could be interested, Reuters reported citing three informed sources.
It also seems that she has regained the 31 pounds she once lost on the Jenny Craig diet program.
She recently lost 30 pounds by following the Jenny Craig diet, and says the process has enhanced her vocals.
Jenny Craig diet plans are being cast aside by Americans more concerned about losing their job than shedding pounds.
She's thrilled after beating her original weight-loss goal by 15lbs - and she puts her success down to the Jenny Craig diet she has followed for the past two years.
Has since lost weight and now advertises the Jenny Craig diet programme.
And ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, 25, was made the representative for the Jenny Craig diet.
Then she exhorted Fraser to stock up on the special Jenny Craig diet foods, which are tiny, semi-starvation packets.
"A number of strategic buyers such as Nestle, which recently strayed out of the food and beverage sectors to acquire Jenny Craig diet centers, and Bayer, which owns the One-A-Day and other vitamin brands, might be interested in NBTY, a banker speculated," according to posting.