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E.R., 20th-century U.S. statistician. See: Levey-Jennings chart.
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"Put yourself in my position for a moment," said Ezra Jennings. "Would you disclose to another person what had dropped unconsciously from the lips of your suffering patient and your helpless friend, without first knowing that there was a necessity to justify you in opening your lips?"
"I have disposed of all necessity for considering that side of the question, long since," said Ezra Jennings. "Wherever my notes included anything which Mr.
Strongly as Ezra Jennings had intensified the first impulsive interest which I had felt in him, he had not overcome my unconquerable reluctance to disclose the degrading position in which I stood.
Ezra Jennings listened patiently, even anxiously, until I had done.
Ezra Jennings stopped at the road which led to the village.
Ezra Jennings looked at me with the first appearance of embarrassment which I had seen in him yet.
After advancing a few hundred yards, Ezra Jennings stopped at a gap in the rough stone wall which shut off the moor from the road, at this part of it.
Ezra Jennings laid aside his hat, and passed his hand wearily over his forehead, wearily through his startling white and black hair.
Jennings, I have no complaint to make against you; but you must set yourself right, or leave me." I had but one choice--I left him.
Before Ezra Jennings could answer me, he was hailed from the high road by a man, in great agitation, who had been evidently on the look-out for him.
And I hope all of you here today As I shake your hand I hear you say No matter how far away I may roam Once a year, I'll try and come back home." The Jennings reunions continued until the 1960s, when the last of the original families faded into memory.
Joseph Jennings, 29, of Bantock Way, Harborne, was given a two-year community order after a court heard that he raised PS13,735 by selling off stolen stamps at knock-down prices to unsuspecting dealers.