Ernö, Hungarian physician, 1858-1921. See: Jendrassik maneuver.
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Jendrassik and Grof's method), total protein (biuret method), albumin (bromocresol green method), globulin (calculation) alanine aminotransferase, asparatate aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase (modified IFCC-UV Kinetic method), and uric acid (uricase-POD method) were analyzed by ERBA EM-360 fully automated analyzer with standardized protocols.
Neurological examination showed generalized absence of muscle stretch reflexes that could not be elicited with the Jendrassik maneuver.
The reason is unknown, but whether this phenomenon is principle similar to Jendrassik manoeuvre in the tendon reflex needs further investigation.
Serum bilirubin was estimated by Jendrassik colorimetric method.
Motoriniai bandymai atlikti Budapesto technikos ir ekonomikos universiteto Mechanikos inzinerijos fakulteto Energetikos inzinerijos katedros Jendrassik Gyorgy VDV tyrimu laboratorijoje.
The levels of serum urea, creatinine, and bilirubin were estimated by Fawcett and Scott [17], Henry [18], and Jendrassik and Grof [19], respectively.
Deep tendon reflexes were 1+ bilaterally for Patellar reflexes (with the Jendrassik maneuver) and 1+ bilaterally for Achilles reflexes, which were equivalent findings to the first neurological examination.
Also, using the Randox kit, the colorimetric assay method for conjugated bilirubin was employed (Jendrassik and Grof, 1938).
Total direct/conjugated bilirubin in serum was determined using a commercially available kit (Crest Biosystems, India) following a modified method (Jendrassik and Grof 1938) and results were expressed in mg/dl units.
Serum bilirubin was analyzed by Jendrassik modified method using diagnostic kit by FAR SRL (Verona, Italy).
The neurological exam is also of some import in our field, and so, thanks to Tinel, Phalen, Jendrassik, and Lasegue, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.