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I still fantasize about my retro potluck, replete with its served-up varieties of Jell-O salad, but not as a celebration of nostalgic sexism.
Originally only four flavors of Jell-O were offered: orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry.
My worst fear is not knowing that I will die prematurely, of even at my own hand, but the prospect of torturing my future grandnephews and grandnieces with false promises of lime Jell-O.
to introduce another variant, the dessert bar, under its Jell-O brand name.
Fortunately, your friendly neighborhood food scientists from Purdue University have developed NuSoy, a wiggly Jell-O substitute that is fortified with calcium and vitamin C.
Kraft Foods has moved its Jell-O brand into shelf-stable bars named Dessert Delights.
Barthes was writing of French cuisine, but his descriptions readily evoke American Jell-O salads and cocktail wiener canapes.
a dream," following signs such as football and Jell-O, which, taken out of context, become symptoms--"a way of `saying' what the patient cannot or does not consciously wish to say.
Skimming through the book, with its separate sections for red (favored by Swedes), green (served only with fish) and black Jell-O ("nice to serve when other races are present" - I kid you not), its page after page of bars and hotdish, I was vividly returned to my childhood.
This article presents new technology for ray tracing a restricted class of dessert foods, in particular Jell-O.
Ad for Jell-O Temptations Pudding Snack Resonated Across Demographic Groups and with Parents & Non-Parents
But no one's apologizing either, and this is the 27th year they've packed the place for the annual Maude Kerns Art Center Jell-O Art Show.