Jekyll and Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde,

main characters in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel about a doctor who turns into a murderous madman and back again during experimentation with an elixir .
Jekyll and Hyde personality - one who is vile, cruel, and aggressive in private but who is charming, deceptive, and verbally facile in public.
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Mansfield's main connection with later cinematic versions of Jekyll and Hyde, as well as with the horror genre, was in his use of light and setting to increase suspense.
The permeable boundaries between the good doctor and his vicious alter ego become apparent in the climactic scene of transformation, which, reminiscent of the parasitical nature of extraterrestrial creatures in Alien (1979), also evokes a birthing scene, highlighting the symbiotic (maternal) bond between Jekyll and Hyde.
As for the person who claims that her lover is a Jekyll and Hyde, the metaphor serves to preserve and justify her love for him, despite all the evidence that he is unworthy of it.
Culturally, the story of Jekyll and Hyde is divided by being simultaneously both familiar and unfamiliar.
Marti Pellow reveals his darker side, in Jekyll and Hyde, at the Liverpool Empire
It is a great pleasure to have him as the lead in Jekyll and Hyde before he goes to college.
Jekyll and Hyde - The Musical opens on Tuesday for a week-long run at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.
All kinds of fascinating performances are staged at the various theatres and Jekyll and Hyde appeared at the Swan, where its austere playing style suited the thrust stage.
ITV drama Jekyll and Hyde is to be the subject of an investigation by watchdogs following complaints that it was too scary for its 6.