Jekyll and Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde,

main characters in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel about a doctor who turns into a murderous madman and back again during experimentation with an elixir .
Jekyll and Hyde personality - one who is vile, cruel, and aggressive in private but who is charming, deceptive, and verbally facile in public.
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A short survey of the Jekyll and Hyde "double" motif as reflected in literary creations and in films is given below.
Lighting designer John Batalla, with four nominations to his name for outstanding work in Ballet Philippines' "Rama, Hari" and "Anting," and Rep's "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Disney's Camp Rock"
In his reliance on speed and manipulation of his body, Mansfield's performance in Jekyll and Hyde was similar to a form of magic act known as 'quick change artistry'.
Unlike earlier adaptations, in physical terms hardly any difference exists between Jekyll and Hyde, both played by Spencer Tracy without the aid of make-up and prosthetic additions.
Even the most unliterary people, who have never read a book in their lives, make use of the Jekyll and Hyde metaphor, and perhaps it is not surprising therefore that some of the subtleties of the story are lost in the self-serving use to which it is put by them.
Culturally, the story of Jekyll and Hyde is divided by being simultaneously both familiar and unfamiliar.
Full of superb songs and amazing performances, Jekyll and Hyde promises to make you laugh and cry in equal measure.
Marti Pellow reveals his darker side, in Jekyll and Hyde, at the Liverpool Empire
The trampling of the child in Jekyll and Hyde, for one.
MEMBERS of the Gala Theatre Stage School cast are back in theatrical costume as they approach their first dress rehearsal of Jekyll and Hyde.
A SPLIT personality would certainly help playing the dual roles of Jekyll and Hyde.
The notion of Prince Charming is fairy-tale fodder to Lisa Martin, a rightfully bitter 29-year-old on the brink of divorce from a real Jekyll and Hyde. That is, until she encounters Marc Guerrieri, a 40-year-old writer whose regretful chase after the best-seller left his marriage in ruins.