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Rizzo et al., "A case of fetal midgut volvulus and jejunal atresia: Nutritional support and maintenance of mucosal function and integrity," Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, vol.
Anomaly Number of Cases Undescended testis 3 Down's syndrome 2 Jejunal atresia 2 Ileal atresia 2 Colonic atresia 1 Meconium ileus 1 Bowel gangrene 1 Total 12 Surgical Management
Spiegel 2_787delAGGTT- et al(9) GATAinsG homozygous 8 C.779A4C p.Lys260Thr Concepcion homozygous et al(10) 9 C.2176C4T p.Arg726X Sansbury et homozygous al(11) 10 C.2176C4T p.Arg726X Sansbury et homozygous al(11) 11 c.1153C>T p.Arg385 This report homozygous BW: body weight, GA: gestational age, Gl: gastro intestinal, DA: duodenal atresia, JA: jejunal atresia, AP: aplasia of pancreas, GBA: gall bladder aplasia
(1) Jejunal atresia (JA) is more commonly associated with other congenital anomalies than is ileal atresia (IA).
Usually, agenesis of the dorsal mesentery is associated with a high jejunal atresia owing to the vascular ischaemic aetiology of such agenesis.
Apple-peel jejunal atresia. Nutritional management.
Our case involved an 18-year-old girl with several congenital anomalies, including spina bifida, jejunal atresia, adrenal insufficiency, and Duane retraction syndrome--a congenital disorder of ocular motility.
Gastric lavage was attempted using inappropriately high volumes and concentrations of sodium bicarbonate in this newborn with undiagnosed jejunal atresia. Subsequent abdominal radiographs documented the presence of the jejunal atresia and pneumatosis intestinalis (PI), together with air in both the porta hepatis and liver parenchyma (Figs 1-3).
She was born with a condition called jejunal atresia - where the small intestine lining does not develop.
Preduodenal portal vein, malrotation, and high jejunal atresia: a case report Journal of Pediatric Surgery (2012) 47, E27-E30.