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The Jehovah Witnesses took their fight against Quebec police and political harassment to court.
The language used by the judges suggested that even they were troubled by the tactics of the Jehovah Witnesses who had fomented so much civil unrest.
On April 17 five followers of the Jehovah Witnesses were injured in a clash provoked by a rally against their sect, organized by VMRO.
The Jehovah Witnesses brought one of the stones and pointed out there was another one which they did not take with them, because it was too big.
The Bulgarian nationalist VMRO party has declared it will stage a new protest against the Jehovah Witnesses, this time in the capital Sofia.
The Jehovah Witnesses are a dangerous sect and has to be abolished in Bulgaria, the nationalist VMRO party has declared in a letter sent to the Bulgarian press.
Five followers of the Jehovah Witnesses sect have been injured late Sunday night in a clash with activists of the nationalist VMRO party.