Jeffrey Dahmer

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A prolific serial killer and sex offender (1960–1994) who raped, tortured and murdered 17 men and boys, dismembering them and eating parts of their bodies. Dahmer’s killing career began in 1978, but most of the murders occurred from 1987–1991
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Cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was handed 15 life sentences in Wisconsin, US for murdering and dismembering 17 young men.
The AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA Austin and AllyAaAaAeA{AaAaAeAo star plays Jeffrey Dahmer in AaAaAeA{Aa
The 1970s-set film based on a true story revolves around the high school years of Jeffrey Dahmer, who would later go on become a cannibal, rapist and serial killer of more than 15 men and boys.
During a career that spanned parts of four decades, the now retired lieutenant of detectives spent fifteen years investigating some of Milwaukee's most complex and heinous murders, including those linked to Jeffrey Dahmer and the north side strangler.
American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer admitted killing 15 young men and boys; | Boxer Mike Tyson was found guilty of rape; | UN peacekeepers were sent to Yugoslavia following the outbreak of fighting.
He is playing gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the film adaptation of the graphic novel, 'My Friend Dahmer,' about the late criminal's younger years.
Backderf, author of last year's great graphic novel, "My Friend Dahmer," a story of his time growing up with Jeffrey Dahmer in Bath, Ohio, definitely has a knack for combining personal stories along with interesting and informative nonfiction content.
Donohue had the audacity to call our open-ended question "hate speech" while simultaneously comparing humanists to Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolf Hitler.
Having had more than a few criminal performances during a journeyman career, being compared to Peter Sutcliffe, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jack The Ripper made for an unforgettable journey around the loch.
1992: Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, above, is jailed for life in the USA.
In 1994, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in a Wisconsin prison by a fellow inmate.
And the haunted house's producer, Steve Kopelman, said the true crime rooms dedicated to the likes of Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson were meant to be shocking to visitors.