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Jean-Pierre, 20th century French biochemist.
Monod-Wyman-Changeux model - see under Monod
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Al menos asi lo expresa claramente los titulos de las obras de Jean-Pierre Changeux, El hombre neuronal, o de Joseph Leroux, El yo sinaptico.
(3.) Jean-Pierre Changeux, The Physiology of Truth: Neuroscience and Human Knowledge (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2004).
Victor, Immanuel Levinas and Jean-Pierre Changeux, among many others.
While the neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux uses the term "plasticity of the brain" to refer to the capacity of synapses to form or reform a bit of information, Malabou's concept of plasticity refers to a being's strategy and capacity to be transgressed, to be other--a dual, contradictory yet inseparable movement involving the sudden emergence and annihilation of form.
Cloth, $49.95; paper, $17.95--Centered on the question of normativity and ethics, neuroscientist Jean-Pierre Changeux and philosopher Paul Ricoeur engage in a lively and informative dialogue.
"These are internal regulatory mechanisms for arousal," says Jean-Pierre Changeux, a molecular neurobiologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.
Except that the reader's shelf and day may have no more room, I might urge that Jean-Pierre Changeux and Alain Connes's recent Conversations on Mind, Matter, and Mathematics(7) be added to your suggestions of Bachman and Stringfellow, to provide a window directly on the claims of ultimacy being made today.
Together with neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux, he deployed representations of the body from the Enlightenment through the 19th century in intersection with the evolving sciences of the brain: neurology and psychiatry.