Berger, Jean

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Jean, 20th century French nephrologist.
Berger disease - Synonym(s): focal glomerulonephritis
Berger focal glomerulonephritis - Synonym(s): focal glomerulonephritis
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Jean Berger, like Ruth Schonthal, became a rich addition to the roster of American composers as a consequence of Nazi persecution.
Not surprisingly, he called it the John Sheppard Press, thus translating Jean Berger into English, the language of his most hospitable adopted country.
But there is also a smaller number of Jean Berger works for solo voice and of these, some of the most successful are in French and Spanish.
For his Spanish settings, Jean Berger again partnered with strong poets.
20) Blanco-Amor, who was a friend of Federico Garcia Lorca, spent many years in Argentina, and it is likely that Jean Berger became acquainted with his poetry during the composer's South American residence.
Psalm 145:10-18 -- I sang many years in choirs and cannot read this psalm without hearing the famous Jean Berger choral anthem ring in my ears.
The opening half of the concert concluded with adroitly performed choral songs by Jean Berger and Ysaye M.
There is something wrong with the world when the music of a gifted composer such as Jean Berger is so terribly difficult to come by.