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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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Nest Houghton (17) won one Winter League comp from Sue Walmsley and Wendy Williams, both on 15, and Jean Batten Jones (18) another on a countback from Pauline Pierce with Julia Jones (17) third.
Millward then inverts this analysis to argue that Jean Batten used her fame as a record-breaking pilot to generate a distinct, national narrative about New Zealand identity.
Qantas named the Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 in honor of Jean Batten, a spirited New Zealand aviator who broke numerous flying records in the 1930s.
This is Qantas' 75th Boeing 737 aircraft, which it has named in order of New Zealand aviator Jean Batten, who broke flying records in the 1930s.