Jaws of Life

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A popular term for several types of piston-rod hydraulic tools used to pry open or cut apart vehicles in MVAs/RTAs when a victim is trapped inside.
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In cases like that, responders use the Jaws of Life to cut and spread crushed metals in order to free people.
Use the Jaws of Life to rescue a faux victim from a burning car, test-drive that big, red, truck, and finish the day with a real firehouse dinner.
Wield the Jaws of Life Does the end-of-workday beer taste sweeter after you've rappelled down three stories of a burning building, inched through smoke-filled darkness, and doused the flames?
meant to carry a parachute or a rope or "The Jaws of Life?"
of death by the Jaws of Life, the sterilization & gauze &
The device requires less space, weighs hundreds of pounds less, is easier to wield, and is faster to set up than current hydraulic systems, including the Jaws of Life, Benjamin said.
Sheen also said he wanted to contact Amazon.com to publish a Kindle-only book called 'Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life.'
Jaws of life A FISHERMAN in Croatia is an internet hero after saving a brood of baby sharks.
Rescuers using "jaws of life" cutting gear found two women yesterday in a university building.
Kudos to the group of Cainsville volunteer firefighters who placed first in a province-wide competition for extricating victims using the Jaws of Life. The group, which competed against full-time firefighters from municipalities much bigger than the County of Brant, was a full five minutes faster than the second-place finishers.
The previously published titles in this impressively produced and highly recommended series include "Home Windmills" (9781599531322); "Hybrid Cars" (9781599531939); "Recycled Tires" (9781599531977); "Water From Air: Water Harvesting Machines" (9781599531960); "The Jaws Of Life" (9781599531915); "Lego Toys" (9781599531946); and "YouTube" (9781599531984).
But a group of Huddersfield University students signed up for a first hand taste of the horrors of a traffic collision with a live demonstration of the "jaws of life" at Batley Fire Station.