Arias-Stella, Javier

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Javier, Peruvian pathologist, 1924–.
Arias-Stella effect - focal, unusual, decidual changes in endometrial epithelium that may be associated with ectopic or uterine pregnancy. Synonym(s): Arias-Stella phenomenon; Arias-Stella reaction
Arias-Stella phenomenon - Synonym(s): Arias-Stella effect
Arias-Stella reaction - Synonym(s): Arias-Stella effect
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Ricardo Iwasaki *, Felipe Galvez-Philpott, Javier Arias-Stella Jr., Javier Arias-Stella
Two of these pathologists include Javier Arias-Stella, MD, of the Instituto de Patologia y Biologia Molecular in Lima, Peru, and Marcello Franco, MD, PhD, of the Federal University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.