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Cardiology A clinical trial–Sound Waves Inhibit Neointimal Growth
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Q. Hello my name is Nora. Years ago I was told I was bipolar and now am told I am suffering mood swings. Are not being bipolar and mood swings one of the same? This is my second time suffering depression and I have read that usually people do suffer two depressions in their life. Is this true? I was involved in an automobile accident way back in the 70's and had burr holes to relieve the pressure. I am now being told that it is common for people who suffer serious head injuries to have mood swings. True or false?

A. head trauma can alter personality, depends on the place of impact. there is a big difference between bipolar disorder and mood swings. although it look the same it's like walking vs. running, look the same but two very different states. and people can definitely experience acute depression once or twice in their life.

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The current version of the Java 2 SDK is 1.4, but Sun updates Java 2 frequently; don't be surprised if you find versions 1.5 or beyond on Sun's Web site.
"Eicon's Aviva for Java 2.00 will enable corporations to more effectively deliver customized host access to heterogeneous host environments," said Jean-Francois Levesque, director of Eicon's SNA Host Access Business Unit.
Thus, Sun has released "Java 2 Micros Edition" (J2ME).
NetBeans 3.6 positions the framework as the foundation for Sun's unfolding Java developer tools strategy, by focusing on latest standards and continued simplification of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) build process.
Under the terms of the agreement, SuSE commits to become a Java 2 Standard Edition source licensee and to distribute Sun's Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to further expand the deployment of the world's most popular application environment.
This practical book contains comprehensive coverage of the important Collection Library supplied with Java 2. Collections are now built into Java 2 because they provide programmers with efficient ways to manipulate data.
Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.5, codenamed Tiger, was released to Beta, wrapping-up APIs and other improvements designed to increase the platform's appeal.
The Wakesoft Architecture Server provides IT organizations with a consistent structure that drives greater reuse, flexibility and control across enterprise applications, which is further enhanced when running on Oracle9i Application Server, the industry's fastest J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) application server.
The benchmark was run on a 64-way Sun E10000 configuration with 466 Mhz UltraSPARC II processors and 64GB of memory running the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), version 1.3.1-02.