Jatene procedure

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Ja·tene pro·ce·dure

a method of repairing congenital tunnel-type subaortic stenosis and narrowing of the left ventricular-aortic junction by aortoventriculoplasty and prosthetic valve replacement.
Synonym(s): Dor procedure
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Surgical correction for this disease underwent significant evolution to take its final form, Jatene procedure, which consists of reimplantation of great arteries to their consequent ventricles and reimplantation of coronary arteries to neo-aorta.
Although survival after Mustard and Senning procedures improved in the last 2 decades, Jatene procedure seems to provide better outcomes (80% with atrial switch procedures versus 100% survival with Jatene procedure over 20 years) (35).
The patients were 50 year-old man who had orthotropic hearth transplantation and 64 year-old man who had mitral valve annuloplasty and aneurysmectomy with Jatene procedure. They were admitted to our clinic with a 1-month history of bilaterally foot droop following operations.