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Herbal medicine
A poisonous evergreen vine; it is not used by herbologists.
A remedy that has been used to treat the nervous system and mucosal membranes, as well as cardiac arrhythmias, earaches, fever-associated myalgias, headaches that are worse with bright lights, insomnia, menstrual dysfunctions, phobias, shock, sore throat and trembling.
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Jasmine tea is an important component of the diet of one of the longest-living populations in the world.
Han et al., "Jasmine tea consumption and upper gastrointestinal cancer in China," Cancer Causes & Control, vol.
* Jasmine Tea Smoked Ribs (wok smoked babyback ribs, jasmine, imperial barbeque sauce) paired with Davis Bynum "Jane's Vineyard" pinot noir (2013).
Do you go to your room to start wallowing in all that five-star luxury and await the complimentary and very delightful jasmine tea? Or head straight down the grand staircase to the 34th-level event space to drink in those incredible views across of London through the double-storey windows?
The drinks sold at Bubble T break are based largely on assam black tea, green jasmine tea and oolong tea.
From the popular jasmine tea to the lovely green tea at the Chinese Pavilion, and the Turkish coffee and tea to Yemen's fresh coffee and the karak tea at the Indian Pavilion, you name it and the pavilions at Global Village has it all.
The tempting a la carte menu offers a wide selection of dishes, ranging from steaks cooked to perfection on the Josper Grill to Jasmine Tea Infused Pork Belly and a delicious range of desserts.
The jasmine tea and the earl grey were fantastic but unfortunately I couldn't buy them!
The jasmine tea they brought was just what my throat needed.
There are more than 40 varieties of teas available, everything from traditional Early Grey to a selection of Oriental teas, white and green teas, passion fruit tea, jasmine tea ...
I've now come into contact with fox poo, and let me tell you, it definitely doesn't smell like jasmine tea. It has a pungency which isn't very pleasant.
It's the place where lawyers, lobbyists, media moguls and corporate honchos break ice over dim sum and jasmine tea ( the families come in the evening), yet you'll never find networkers headbutting their conversations.