Adolf, Austrian dermatologist, 1850-1902. See: Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, Bezold-Jarisch reflex.
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blood supply to AV node is severed and vagal tone is increased due to Bezold- Jarisch reaction8.
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Continuous exposure to formaldehyde also has led to increased IgE-mediated sensitization and symptoms at levels greater than 0.05 ppm, the World Health Organization's threshold, among primary schoolchildren (Wantke, Demmer, Tappler, Gotz, & Jarisch, 1996).
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The first report of this syndrome was made in 1894 by Jarisch and White who reported a patient with multiple basal cell carcinomas, scoliosis, and learning disability.
(1,2) The syndrome was first reported by Jarisch and White in 1894, and its prevalence has been estimated at 1 in 56,000.