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1. To jolt or shake.
2. A jolting or shaking.


1 v, to shake or jolt.
2 n, a cylindrical container.

1 jar

(jar) [Fr. jarre, ult fr Arabic jarrah, earthen water vessel]
A dome-topped container made of glass, plastic, or other sturdy material, used as a protective cover or as a pressurized container when the opening is properly sealed. It is usually taller than it is wide and may be cylindrical, square, or another shape.

bell jar

A glass vessel with an opening at only one end.

2 jar

(jar) [Imitative]
To move suddenly, as in a jolt or shock.

heel jar

The production of pain by having the patient stand on tiptoes and suddenly bring the heels to the floor. This physical finding may be suggestive of spinal disease, pelvic inflammatory disease in women, or kidney stones, among other ailments.


1. To jolt or shake.
2. A jolting or shaking.
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It has its limits, however: it does not adequately flesh out characters other than Jared.
Jared typically fishes jigs in a variety of color combinations to find out what the fish prefer on a particular day.
Jared says Sierra RV loves doing business with a financial institution that shares its attitudes and values.
The company is confident that the more branded presence of a shop-in-shop, a successful model of watch and jewellery boutiques in Jared and other Signet store brands, will serve an even greater number of PANDORA collectors, especially with the planned assortment expansion.
Jared said: "I've watched DVDs of him playing and people keep saying that I'm like him.
Claire is rude and disrespectful, and she is nicer to the bio-family because they are less connected to Jared and therefore less threatening to her.
It really has the power to change your face," asserts Jared.
And despite admitting his devastation at Vossen's departure, Jared quickly adopted Boro as his second team and started planning his first visit to watch Karanka's men in action.
Now that the large cast is in place, however, subsequent volumes of the series can pick up steam as Prince Jared faces those who wish to dethrone him.
Jared and Delta have had several secret dates in LA in recent weeks, hanging out at friends' houses after being introduced by a mutual pal.
The book shows that the Himalayas weren't the only obstacles young Jared had to overcome.