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Jan, Czech physician, 1873-1921. See: Jansky-Bielschowsky disease, Jansky classification.
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and processing quality (Yerk & Peloquin, 1989, 1990; Jansky et al,
However, in our view, Hoover appears less in command of events than Jansky would suggest.
The way information is presented to the pilot has changed," said Jansky.
said Jansky, who chairs Rivier's crisis management committee.
The Very Large Array (VLA) radio astronomy observatory -- renamed in 2012 for American physicist and radio engineer, Karl Guthe Jansky, who in 1931 discovered radio waves emanating from the Milky Way -- is considered the largest and most capable radio telescope in the world and is funded under cooperative agreement between the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Associated Universities, Inc.
He reflected on the history of radio astronomy, starting only 79 years ago in 1932 when Karl Jansky realised that the slowly varying noise he was observing had a period of 23 hours 56 minutes, and that its origins lay beyond the Earth.
Geneticists Dennis Halterman and Shelley Jansky, with ARS's Vegetable Crops Research Unit in Madison, Wisconsin, are hunting for wild potatoes that contain resistance to important diseases plaguing potato growers nationwide.
Jansky were accruing late fees on their unpaid excise tax bills.
The MAAWG 16th General Meeting, June 9-11 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will feature a keynote on current European Union legislative efforts to criminalize botnets by Radomir Jansky, European Commission Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security.
Ditters had been back in his place of work at Jansky vrch (Javornik in Northern Moravia), for six weeks when Pichl wrote to tell him that a place in the cappella in Vienna was free after Gassman's departure and that the emperor definitely expected Ditters to apply for it.
People Like Us, Stock Hausen and Walkman, V/VM and Speedranch and Jansky have all ushered towards the space where the likes of Rephlex, Planet Mu, Barrys Bootlegs or Trunk Records can spray us in glorious effluent.
Michelle has been modeling for the past nine years for online and commercial print work, calendars and swimsuit fashion shows, and has worked with famous photographers such as Ladi Van Jansky and Mike Prado.