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Jan, Czech physician, 1873-1921. See: Jansky-Bielschowsky disease, Jansky classification.
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Then, we digitized 13 landmarks for cranium and 15 for jaw (Appendix II) that were selected based on previous studies on insectivorous bats (Van Cakenberghe, Herrel & Aguirre, 2002; Sztencel-Jablonka et al., 2009; Jansky, 2013) with TpsDig v2.12 (Rohlf, 2008a) and TpsUtil v1.44 (Rohlf, 2009).
Although multiple factors likely influence a person's reluctance to seek treatment for substance use, such as lack of insurance, ignorance of services, suspicion of treatment services, family/childcare obligations, or lack of access to services (Appel, Ellison, Jansky, & Oldak, 2004), this research focuses on the influence of stigma.
Jansky Very Large Array and Very Long Baseline Array, the researchers found black holes grew much faster than the galaxies themselves.
Musicians Frantisek Jansky, Frantisek Suchanek and Jan Urban collaborated with the workers' physical education movement, while Josef Kricka, Jan Evangelista Zelinka and Prokop Oberthor, among others, composed music for socially-democratic workers' olympiads.
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Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), and is combined with earlier data from NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory.
'To improve our overall lending experience for clients and drive greater opportunities for revenue, we needed to transform our entire commercial delivery process,' said BB&T chief credit officer Sandra Jansky. 'We set out to build a system to provide us with consistent, transparent, and accurate data.
Karen Jansky has been appointed director of application development in information technology for Arbella Insurance Group.
During the event, Toll Brothers honored astronomer and Nobel laureate Robert Wilson, and physicist and radio engineer Karl Jansky, in a special presentation.
Referente al sistema ABO la nomenclatura aceptada en 1928 por la Liga de las Naciones fue la de Jansky quien propuso cuatro grupos sanguineos: (A, B, O, AB).