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Edward G., U.S. physician, 1841-1911. See: Janeway lesion.
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(43) Eliot Janeway, "Birth of the Tickets," Fortune, September 1944, 132.
REPUBLIC OF DENIAL: Press, Politics and Public Life By Michael Janeway Yale University Press, $22.50
Making sense of information requires a significant investment of money and time, says Dean Janeway, president and chief operating officer, Wakefern Food Corp., Elizabeth, N.J.
Chairman Dean Janeway, president and COO of Wakefern Food Corporation, echoed Quinn's sentiments.
All of which counted for little on a recent afternoon as he shuttled among the small examining rooms in the Janeway Child Health Centre in St.
At least in Picard's interpretation of the twenty-third century, women can actually captain ships (see Janeway on the Voyager).
A Token for Children, a popular colonial book by James Janeway, was published.
Black faces will be substituted for white in government, servants will be encouraged to become consumers and, as Eliot Janeway recently wrote, "the U.S.
And at Birmingham's NEC, Captains James T Kirk and Kathryn Janeway admitted they'd give it another go.
Fourth Point Wealth in Newport Beach has announced Chris Janeway has opened a new PlanMember financial center in Newport Beach, the company said.
The book features background information on Edward Clark, the builder of the Dakota, as well as its architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh.
5:49 p.m.: Main Street, 11-year-old male upset at Perkins School's Janeway Center.