James William

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, William 1842-1910.
American psychologist and philosopher. A founder of pragmatism and functionalism, he developed an approach to intellectual issues that greatly influenced American thought. His works include The Principles of Psychology (1890) and The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902).
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James William Robb and company Rethink Waste Ltd have been fined for illegally storing up to 30,000 tyres in Gateshead.
James William House (formerly Holst House) was bought by the director of Office Image in 2010 and since then the building has been extensively refurbished.
The overall winner will receive the James William Carling Trophy sponsored by Editions Ltd.
Hundreds stopped by to admire the work as the screevers vied for one of three competitions; the Peoples Prize, the Little Chalker's Children's prize and The James William Carling Award.
EASILY led and immature, James William Glendinning was still able to discover that his new female friend was only 13.
I WAS really pleased to read that there is to be a pavement artist competition on Bold Street, Liverpool, on October 18, to celebrate the life of James William Carling, Liverpool's bare-footed artist.
I WOULD like to congratulate Ron Formby on at last getting the artist James William Carling the recognition he deserves above Maggie May's cafe, in Bold Street.
The James William Carling Project is definitely something that Liverpool, as it heads into its culture year, should get behind and support.
James William Fox-Molloy, 18, who has a Glasgow address, is alleged to have got a kitchen knife, pursued three people down the street and stabbed one of them.
James William Green, 34, of Roath, was involved in the collision on Newport Road, Cardiff, at 2am on Saturday.
Mason Stephen James Williams was born on September 5 at 9.
Alexander James Williams, 22, of no fixed abode, is charged with wounding with intent and possessing a machete following an incident in Rhos High Street on June 18.