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James, Scottish engineer, 1736-1819.
watt (W) - the SI unit of electrical power.
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"It is also on the doorstep for many people in Airdrie and Coatbridge and we were keen to highlight the importance of this land by visiting several prime locations with the James Watt look-a-like.
The news that the University will now be home to the James Watt School of Engineering has been welcomed by Debbie Beales, of the University's Health, Safety and Wellbeing Unit, who recently discovered that her family line leads six generations back directly to James Watt.
Professor David Cumming, head of James Watt School of Engineering, said: "The importance of Watt's contribution to the field of engineering can't really be overstated."
Professor David Cumming, head of the newly named school, said: "We're delighted to be officially announcing the James Watt School of Engineering on the date of the 200th anniversary of Watt's passing.
On display for the first time since 2000, the locomotive is a replica of what is thought to be an experimental steam carriage created by Murdoch in defiance of James Watt's 1782 patent.
Colin McInnes, professor of engineering science and a James Watt chair, said: "I'm thrilled that 2019 will be a celebration of Watt's contributions to the world."
Principal of James Watt College, Andrew Cleaves, added: "Lord Sainsbury has always shown an interest in how college learners develop practical, technical skills for employment, so we were pleased to demonstrate how this is achieved.
BrewDog founders Martin Dickie, left, and James Watt
Mick Kenna, Holly Lodge and James Watt Old Boys Association
So keen was his son - James Watt jnr - to promote the reputation and legacy of his father that a bust was in place in the abbey within six years of the great man's death.
At the time, Scottish engineer James Watt was partnered to John Roebuck who owed a 1,200 [pounds sterling] debt to Boulton--the equivalent of 102,000 [pounds sterling] today.
The United Kingdom has appointed John Casson as its next ambassador to Egypt following the retirement of James Watt from diplomatic service.