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James, Scottish surgeon, 1799-1870.
Syme amputation - amputation of the foot at the ankle joint. Synonym(s): Syme operation
Syme amputation prosthesis
Syme ankle disarticulation amputation
Syme foot prosthesis
Syme operation - Synonym(s): Syme amputation
Syme procedure
Syme prosthesis
Syme prosthetic foot
terminal Syme procedure
two-stage Syme amputation
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Mr and Mrs James Syme of Muirhouse Road, Motherwell, celebrated their DiamondWedding Anniversary with a family party at their home.
Early 19th-century pioneer James Syme was first to remove a hip joint, upper jaw, lower jaw and ankle - all without anaesthetic.
He is the only Hunterian Award recipient to have also been awarded the BAPRAS President's Medal and, for earlier works, the James Syme Medal from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and the T Jackson Prize from the UK British Burns Association.
"What you have in South Africa is a weak economy and scary politics," said James Syme, a senior fund manager at JO Hambro Capital Management Group in London, who helps manage some $812 million in emerging market equities and is underweight on South African assets.
PacemakersuitsHart Apprentice Jason Hart, who did so well to win on King Of Paradise last week at Hamilton after his saddle slipped, was again seen to good advantage when judging the pace perfectly on front-running Watts Up Son to win the 1m1'f handicap for owners Lee Ibbotson, David Watts and James Syme.
In 1843, Sir James Syme discovered a new method of ankle amputation that did not involve amputating at the thigh.
Barings's James Syme holds Russia as his largest overweight and is most positive about the domestic economy and the Russian consumer.
James Syme, Head of Emerging Market Equities and manager of the Baring Global Emerging Markets Fund at Baring Asset Management, believes that we are near the optimum point in the global economic cycle for emerging market equity investing.
Obviously a disciple of James Syme, who was reputed never to waste a word, a drop of ink, or a drop of blood.
James Syme, a lawyer in Goodyear, Arizona, who represented Seisinger, said it was true that Alderete did not qualify under the statute because he was mostly retired.
The predominant influence in Scottish anaesthesia was James Syme, the clinical professor of surgery at Edinburgh University.