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William, British histologist and physiologist, 1851-1932. See: Stirling modification of Gram stain.
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Ronchamp, of course, has had more than its fair share of commentary, but Linder-Gaillard and Samuel give it a balanced treatment, airing the views of some of its harsher critics (including the British architect James Stirling and also Robert Maguire) while also giving serious attention to its incredible depth of detailing, consideration and play.
In ten chapters that draw upon writers and topics as diverse and engaging as Andre Malraux and his concept of the Musee Imaginaire, Colin Rowe and his exploration of Mannerism in Modern Architecture as well as Rowe s book with Fred Koetter, Collage City, and examining works by artists including Albrecht Durer, Picasso and Duchamp and architects including James Stirling, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind, Maxwell steps effortlessly through a range of ideas and concepts, to create an engaging and provocative thesis.
The station's head of programmes James Stirling said: "For Charlotte to question and debate the roles held by women within the music economy encapsulates the opinionated spirit of 6 Music."
Located on the banks of the Swan River and with over eighty kilometers of white, sandy beaches, the British colonist Captain James Stirling, when he first caught a glimpse of what is now Perth in 1829, remarked that it was "as beautiful as anything of this kind I had ever witnessed." Before the arrival of the colonists, the Whadjuk Noongar people lived in the remote region for forty thousand years, utilizing the Swan River as a source of both food and spirituality in their local mythology.
The architecture of James Stirling and his partners James Gowan and Michael Wilford; a study of architectural creativity in the twentieth century.
The Stirling, named after Liverpool-born architect James Stirling, is awarded to the best new building in the UK and Europe by a British architect.
Elsewhere, on a less optimistic note, Michael Spens reports on developments surrounding James Stirling's Sackler Museum at Harvard University, a masterpiece of its time, but which now faces an uncertain future as the university considers redevelopment.
Frequently overlooked because, paradoxically, of his stylistic breadth, James Stirling is now beginning to garner recognition for his architectural erudition and the role it played in transforming the trajectory of postwar modernism.
James Stirling, Sally Campbell and Paul Carr will be giving the appeal to build a children's hospice and respite centre in Huddersfield a boost.
Scots mountaineer James Stirling formed the SAS (Special Air Service) in the Second World War to carry out assaults behind enemy lines in North Africa.