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William, British histologist and physiologist, 1851-1932. See: Stirling modification of Gram stain.
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1 Poultry, London, designed by James Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates and completed in 1998
Front row, from left: Elijah Griffiths (Wavertree), Josh Gill (Sefton Park), Liam Whitehead (Wavertree), Jeremy Rogers (Sefton Park), Luke Carus-McDonald (Wavertree), James Stirling (Park), Daniel Webster (Wavertree)
Frequently overlooked because, paradoxically, of his stylistic breadth, James Stirling is now beginning to garner recognition for his architectural erudition and the role it played in transforming the trajectory of postwar modernism.
James Stirling, Sally Campbell and Paul Carr will be giving the appeal to build a children's hospice and respite centre in Huddersfield a boost.
Scots mountaineer James Stirling formed the SAS (Special Air Service) in the Second World War to carry out assaults behind enemy lines in North Africa.
while the Scottish mathematician James Stirling (1692-1770) discovered the constant [square root of 2 [pi]] in the previous formula.
One of the signatories is Professor James Stirling, pro-vice-chancellor for research at Durham University and a world-leading particle physicist.
James Stirling, Aitken Scientific Ltd, Oxford House, Oxford Road, Thame, OX9 2AH.
Professor James Stirling, pro-vice-chancellor for research at Durham University, said: "This visit has given us a chance to outline Durham's commitment to, and engagement with, environmental agendas on the world stage and to share and exchange views with the Government's leading politician in this area.
James Stirling of Investec Private Bank said: "If we could find another great confectionery or cereal brand, that would be interesting, but otherwise our focus would be on established ambient brands.
Kenneth Butler, Andrew Kinloch and James Stirling lit a fire to keep warm after climbing into the Burns Monument building in Kilmarnock during an evening drinking session.