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Alexander, London dentist, 1789-1849. See: Nasmyth cuticle, Nasmyth membrane.
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In the mid-1860s, considerable controversy erupted between James Nasmyth [22] and the Reverend William Rutter Dawes [23] over the appearance of the solar granulation [13].
James Nasmyth, the 19th century engineer who invented the steam hammer, wrote: "The eyes and fingers are the two principal trustworthy inlets to trustworthy knowledge in all the materials and operations which the engineer has to deal with .
The hallmarks are for Edinburgh 1838 with the maker James Nasmyth and is expected to realise up to pounds 1,000 at auction at Anthemion on July 19.
Just read how James Nasmyth described a visit to Dudley in 1830.