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James, English physician, 1801-1841.
Hope murmur
Hope resuscitator
Hope sign - double heartbeat heard in presence of aortic aneurysm.
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SATURDAY OCTOBER 31: Guy Brennan Grieve, Thongsbridge, 1 SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1: James Hope, Skelmanthorpe, 12 Chloe Jade Lockwood, Skelmanthorpe, 12 MONDAY NOVEMBER 2: Kelsie Hogan, Quarmby, 7 TUESDAY NOVEMBER 3: Mia Cruickshanks, Honley, 8 WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4: Elliott Robert Tallis, Halifax, 8 THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5: Nicholas Christopher Dyson, Kirkburton, 15 IT'S easy to join the Sunbeams.
ALL IN A LATHER: James Hope (above front right) gets the cubs car wash at the Black Bull in Shepley under way while (left to right) Dan Cook, Alex Brown and Ben McKay get to grips with their sponges (PC011207Acubs)
Stan James hope to issue prices this evening, with many countries set to name their full squads today, but Bayern Munich are among a host of clubs who are still refusing to release their players for safety reasons, so managers may not know who is available to them until shortly before the kick-off.
The town has been without a book shop for many years and Louise and James hope to fill a gap in the market.
Lisa has been chosen to mentor at next year's games in Chile, and both Rebecca and James hope to continue their work with the club, and take their inspiring stories nationally to help others in need.
Lot: The pistols to have been Sir James Hope Mr Dixon, who died last year aged 91, studied mechanical engineering at Birmingham Technical College and designed tools for aeroplane production during the war.
Chery Motors, a China-based automaker, has named James Hope as its new design director.
Robert Pringle, Louise Brown, Alistair Allen; Matt Upton, Leigh Daveran, James Hope; Maria O'Donnell, Faizal Arif, Kate Hopkins; Clive Broadhurst, Ian Tetsill, Neil Meredith, Steve Thornhill, Paul Harper; Matthew Heaton, Andy McDonald, Paul Spires; Ian Tetsill, Mike Giddings, Peter Gentilli, Tom Bird, Kate Hopkins, James Rentell; Sarah Taylor, Richard Sanders, Jo Bligh; Tom Bird, Sarah Stirling, Matthew Heaton
James Hope, John-Paul Latham and Joe Pheby have each achieved 'distinctions' from their recently completed IMF foundation training course 'Metal finishing and surface coating'.
James Hope " spoke for many disillusioned with the debate when he added: "" can't wait until September 19, until after the referendum takes place.