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Robert A., U.S. cardiologist, 1917-2004. See: Bruce protocol.
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A gene on chromosome 2p22.3 that encodes a protein that inhibits apoptosis by ubiquinating apoptotic proteins, which targets them for degradation.
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Q. Can Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) cause a heart enlargement? A friend of mine is suffering from FMF. its usually doesn't bother him that much and when it dose the symptoms are stomach ache and fever. he has no heart symptoms and takes no medications. his physician told him that because of the FMF he might suffer from a heart enlargement, and that he should take some oral medications daily to prevent it. how can it be?

A. This question can't be answered with a strict yes or no.
although FMF on its own can't cause heart enlargement, FMF can cause amyloidosis because of the recurrent inflammation. this may lead to enlargement of the heart which is a severe disease.
the good side is that taking medication can decrease the chance of the cardiac enlargement.

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James Bruce, a Scottish scientist who has become an Anglican priest and church historian, studies a foundational source for Christianity in the British Isles--the Life of St Columba.
1770: Scottish explorer James Bruce discovered the source of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia: the source of the longer White Nile would remain unsettled - and the subject of bitter controversy - for another century, until Welsh-American explorer Henry Morton Stanley confirmed the claim made by John Speke for Lake Victoria.
Darrel Riggs agent for Access Entertainment Group discovered Kalysta at a Winterfest and suggested to James Bruce owner "that we consider her talent for future projects, she is an unbelievable talent for her age." After several meetings with Kalysta's parents Kim and Glenn Minton all have agreed that this contract would be in the best interest for her music career.
WENDY HARRISON, Australia Email: I AM looking for descendants of George and Ann Bruce who both died in 1923 having lived at 48 Coburg Street, Gateshead for many years and their children - James Bruce b1868, George Bruce b1874, Joseph Bruce b1881, Robert Bruce b1887, Jane Ann Bruce and grandchildren Robert Bruce b1887, Wilhemina Bruce b 1889 married May, Dora Bruce b1898 married Samson Rea.
Parents James Bruce and Karen Herbert, both 43, said: "As we are painfully aware, excessive drinking carries excessive risk and may kill."
"We re surprised at the multiple that they re prepared to pay for Potash Corp," said James Bruce, a portfolio manager at Perpetual Investments, which owns BHP shares.
But James Bruce and Billy Taylor got a wicket each to add to two run-outs which reduced the score to 95 for four.
Martin Saggers had Warne caught at slip for 37 and McLaren dismissed David Balcombe and James Bruce.
But the form bowler of the last few weeks - in Chris Tremlett's England-enforced absence - has been James Bruce. Bruce has snared 19 victims, including 8-72 in this week's four-day thrashing of Worcestershire, since the end of the Twenty20 group stages.
Last man James Bruce helped Tremlett reach his half-century and take Hampshire to 309 for nine.
Overlooked by England's one-day selectors, Clarke reached 52 when he was the last man out caught at long-off by James Bruce.