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James, U.S. plastic surgeon, 1899-1971.
Blair-Brown graft - see under Blair
Brown-Adson forceps - an Adson forceps with about 16 delicate teeth on each tip.
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But maybe the best tribute came from Brown himself when he said: "Disco is James Brown, hip-hop is James Brown, rap is James Brown; you know what I'm saying?
Neal says that while Tina Turner's musical roots came from her closeness to Ike Turner, when she set out on a solo career, she looked to James Brown for inspiration on how to carry a stage show by herself.
When I first saw James Brown "live," I was about 10 years old.
All the pre-match talk had been of his sponsorship deal with HP Foods and the changing of his name by deed poll to James Brown.
The Whirlwind this week decided to change his name by deed poll to James Brown, as part of a madcap sponsorship deal.
On Friday, June 25, two days after the real James Brown rocks the Millennium Stadium supporting the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, top tribute artist Ronnie Canada will be getting funky at the city's Coal Exchange.
In Go and Tell Pharaoh, Sharpton describes his early life, his development as an activist and the mentorship he found in Adam Clayton Powell, Jesse Jackson and James Brown. It also details many of the cases in New York City around which he organized, rallied, marched and protested--the activism that made him famous in some circles, and infamous in others.
Lisa Agbalaya sued Brown, 69, for pounds 650,000 - alleging sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful firing and emotional distress after she lost her job as US West Coast president with New James Brown Enterprises.
Speaking to Billboard about his upcoming James Brown biopic, Mick, 70, said: "James Brown was definitely a progenitor of that kind of businessman/performer.
Lance Cpl David Kirkness, 24, of Morley, Leeds, and 18-year-old Rifleman James Brown, from Orpington, Kent, died when they stopped two Taliban suicide bombers in Sangin eight days ago.
THE WOMAN who claims she is the oldest daughter of James Brown said she will be in court today to claim a piece of the late soul singer's estate.
SOUL legend James Brown instructed attorneys before he died to carry out DNA tests to show if he was the father of his wife's son, his family lawyer has claimed.