jake paralysis

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jake pa·ral·y·sis

polyneuropathy produced by drinking synthetic Jamaican ginger (or "jake" in the vernacular) containing triorthocresylphosphate.
Synonym(s): ginger paralysis

Jake paralysis

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5% ABV, 284ml bottle, available at Discount Supermarket, Whitchurch Road The Desnoe and Geddes Brewery of Jamaica were founded in 1918 and are famous for producing Red Stripe Lager and the non-alcoholic Jamaican Ginger Beer in cans.
Serve up some slices of Jamaican ginger cake with tinned pears
Jamaican ginger cake - a bit of sunshine in the food as well.
Jamaican ginger, which is pale buff, is regarded as the best variety.
We have parties for all of their birthdays with special cake and candles, usually Golden Syrup bars or Jamaican ginger cake.
He noted that the Jamaican ginger is known globally and while some of the largest spice manufacturers in the US, Europe and Japan are familiar with the product, "markets in Japan, India, United Kingdom and Germany seem to have a greater preference for the Jamaican ginger.
Jamaican ginger, the spice available in most markets, is the best ground variety available.
The sodas use as a guide Jamaican ginger beer, which is far less sweet with more "bite" than modern ginger ale.
Another major product line includes candles, packaged in locally-grown coconut shells; these include the Island Mint tea candle, Jamaican Ginger tea candle and the Ortanique citrus candle, all of them are relatively new offerings.
He does not understand the extra time and expense required to pair one's favorite snack with the perfect imported ale or Jamaican ginger beer, chilled and served in a frosty pilsner.