Jaffe test

Jaf·fe test

1. a quantitative test for creatinine based on its reaction with alkaline picrate;
See also: Jaffe reaction.
2. a qualitative test for the presence of indicanuria; after an equal amount of HCl is added to the urine, the further addition of chloroform and CaCl2 gives rise to blue or purple chloroform droplets that sink to the bottom if indican is present.
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Max, German biochemist, 1841-1911.
Jaffe reaction - the basis of most routine creatinine tests.
Jaffe test - a qualitative test for the presence of indicanuria.
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However, the results obtained with the same algorithms were lower than the 51Cr-EDTA clearance when based on uncompensated Jaffe test results.
If the noncompensated Jaffe test is used, the negative analytical effect of the protein error on CrCl is countered by the positive physiologic effect of the relatively more important tubular secretion of creatinine.