Jaffe reaction

Jaf·fe re·ac·tion

a bright orange-red complex resulting from the treatment of creatinine with alkaline picrate solution; the basis of most routine creatinine tests.
See also: Jaffe test.


Max, German biochemist, 1841-1911.
Jaffe reaction - the basis of most routine creatinine tests.
Jaffe test - a qualitative test for the presence of indicanuria.

Jaffe reaction

a method of creatinine assay based on the orange-red color produced by creatinine reacting with alkaline picrate.
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The significance of this poisoning is that nitromethane interacts with the widely used Jaffe reaction method of determining plasma creatinine values.
When measured in the serum, this is balanced by the slightly higher value of creatinine due to nonspecific chromophores, which react with the colorimetric Jaffe reaction assay.
In all 6 cases, nitromethane was identified as the agent responsible for the abnormal Jaffe reaction.
Nitromethane interferes in assay of creatinine by the Jaffe reaction.
Elevated creatinine after ingestion of model aviation fuel: interference with the Jaffe reaction by nitromethane.
In another study, serum creatinine was measured by a new modified kinetic Jaffe reaction and a modified version of the established enzymatic creatinine p-amino-phenazone (PAP) method to determine reference intervals for serum creatinine (83).
Interference by fluorescein with the single end-point determination of creatinine by use of the Jaffe reaction [Letter].
Paraquat and diquat interference in the analysis of creatinine by the Jaffe reaction.
Deproteinization of serum: another best approach to eliminate all forms of bilirubin interference on serum creatinine by the kinetic Jaffe reaction.
Plasma and urinary Creatinine were measured by the Jaffe reaction on an Hitachi 747 analyzer (Boehringer); 24-h Creatinine clearance was calculated from plasma and 24-h urinary Creatinine.
To counter these interferences, analysts have tried many variations of the Jaffe reaction, including modifications of sample preparation, addition of oxidizers to remove interferents, solvent extraction of interferents, pH adjustment of the reaction, continuous-flow dialysis, and kinetic measurement of the reaction [2-5].
The two Jaffe reactions were performed simultaneously with the same lot of reagents on different channels of the same Hitachi 747 analyzer.