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Eduard, Ritter von Jaxthal, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1818-1884. See: Jaeger test types.
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The trailer showcased two things: Jaegers fighting Kaiju (giant monsters which were sent out to subjugate humanity) and Jaegers fighting Jaegers.
Given the renewed Kaiju threat, it remains a mystery as to why the Jaegers were shown engaging one another.
The Mexican director also admitted that there will be a lot of Jaegers for the second instalment of the movie.
It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after -- what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat.
But much of the acting takes a back seat, given the key to this film is the brilliantly staged sequences of Jaegers slugging it out with the Kaiju hordes.
A lot of the dreams that inspired the building of that capacity are now coming true," says Jaegers, citing streaming Netflix as the most prominent example of a product of this seemingly limitless bandwidth.
might have been a message to Verizon to say, 'Hey, if you're not interested, we can talk to AT&T, and they might be interested,'" Jaegers said.
Jaegers congregate at terns' migratory stopovers, where they chase potential tern hosts.
For the Jaegers, their scant hopes for the life of their daughter were finally dashed forever.
From the moment you're first introduced to the Jaegers, a sense of nostalgia calls back to childhood memories of watching many Japanese anime series and television shows centered on giant robots, including "Gundam," and "Voltron," and an even deeper connection to the Japanese film genre Kaiju, especially the "Godzilla" series of films.
I feed him, give him water and clean the stalls every day,'' said Jaegers.
One of the mantras Los Angeles-based sports psychologist Alan Jaeger preaches is to live in the moment.