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Eduard, Ritter von Jaxthal, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1818-1884. See: Jaeger test types.
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Using DNA sex determination, we demonstrated that the pair of Long-tailed Jaegers was composed of one male and one female.
In Long-tailed Jaegers, incubation starts after the laying of the first egg (Wiley and Lee 1998).
Teamed with untested but supremely talented trainee Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), and piloting the same Jaeger in which his brother was killed, he is up against bigger and deadlier monsters from the deep.
Consolidation is on the horizon for the telecom space, especially on the long-haul side, Jaegers adds.
If AT&T bought Alltel, they could just expand that strategy and just do a GSM overlay network for all of Alltel and put their new customers on that and just gradually shift people over to GSM," Jaegers said.
Jaegers said two factors are driving Alltel's rush to sell itself.
This had been the first stop on what was expected to be a wonderful vacation for Bill and Marietta Jaeger, their five children, and Marietta's parents.
When the Jaeger family finally returned to their home in suburban Detroit, Marietta tried to picture the abductor--and probable murderer--as a child of God, "someone as precious in God's sight as my little girl.
The action sequences of the Jaegers fighting the Kaiju are full of destruction and mayhem.
It was surprising how well del Toro manages to feature the Jaeger pilots, without detracting attention from the Jaegers mercilessly fighting against the relentless Kaiju.
2--color) Julie Jaegers and her pony show awards they won at the Antelope Valley Fair.
Tomko, pitching for his fifth team in his eighth major-league season, put in a call to Jaeger about a month ago on the advice of his agent.