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A brand name for a whirlpool bath—now commonly used as a generic term—in which water is moved by powerful jets over the body. Jacuzzis are believed to promote relaxation, and be useful for musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and arthritic complaints
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The father had taken his children to the poolside to spend the afternoon, according to records, when he saw his son falling into the Jacuzzi tub at 6.
Jacuzzi Brands said that both companies are complementary to its core business and are led by management teams, which will remain in place as the businesses continue to operate independently.
H1: Significant relationship exists between two methods of recovery on Jacuzzi recovery and mild swimming recovery on amount of lactic acid of blood
Nashua, NH 03062 Horseback Riding, Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi,
Alongside this object, with its insistent and surprisingly organic materiality, was a system of large transparent tubes that linked the Jacuzzi to a cylindrical wall-mounted machine, as well as to a conveyor belt on a wooden pedestal, which was running independently from a small motor: a detourned symbol of empty Fordist labor.
Kevin Teague, financial controller at Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd in Bradford, said: "We realised that the senior management team did not have the time or expertise to provide an effective HR function and made the decision to outsource.
For Dh1,675, a couple get an exclusive treatment in the spa's self-contained signature suite with a sauna, relaxation room, massage table and the very popular Jacuzzi - all for two hours.
Looks like Ms Healy Eames doesn't need a jacuzzi to get herself into hot water.
If the Floozie has to go back to her own jacuzzi, I for one won't be sad.
So, how about the Jacuzzi Morphosis basin, with its sleek curves that are shown off to perfection against the clean lines of a countertop?
The three-bedroom house in Cross Street is like a Tardis, the first-floor bathroom has a Jacuzzi and in the back garden there is a barbecue area, brick-style bar, Jacuzzi room with a seven-seater Jacuzzi AND a gymnasium that has its own changing room and shower
Members of the Jacuzzi family first came to Arkansas during the early 1960s as part of a corporate expansion that yielded two central Arkansas plants.