Lisfranc, Jacques

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Jacques, French surgeon, 1790-1847.
Lisfranc amputation - amputation of the foot at the tarsometatarsal joint, the sole being preserved to make the flap. Synonym(s): Lisfranc operation
Lisfranc dislocation
Lisfranc fracture
Lisfranc joints - the three synovial joints between the tarsal and metatarsal bones. Synonym(s): tarsometatarsal joints
Lisfranc ligaments - ligaments that pass from the cuneiform bones to the metatarsals, the one from the first cuneiform to the second metatarsal being the strongest. Synonym(s): interosseous cuneometatarsal ligaments
Lisfranc operation - Synonym(s): Lisfranc amputation
scalene tubercle of Lisfranc - a small spine on the inner edge of the first rib, giving attachment to the scalenus anterior muscle. Synonym(s): scalene tubercle
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Jacques Lisfranc, a field surgeon in Napoleon's army, first described a forefoot amputation through the tarsometatasal joint.
Jacques Lisfranc de St Martin (1790-1847) was a French surgeon in the Napoleonic army who developed a method of quick amputation through the taros-metatarsal joint that did not involve any osteotomy.
His contemporary, Jacques Lisfranc, referred to him as "The Brigand of Hotel Dieu." But his jealous enemies and embittered rivals acknowledged his many exceptional contributions and competence.