Emile, 19th-century French chemist. See: Jacquemin test.
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Ryan Jacquemin, 17, Student, Oliver Wolcott Technical High School, Torrington, Connecticut.
These four mandates clearly position SGSS as a leader in the pension funds market in Serbia and show our commitment to the Serbian market,' said Pascal Jacquemin, deputy head of the International Department at SGSS.
Miaux S, Drouin L, Morency P, Paquin S, Gauvin L and Jacquemin C (2010) Making the narrative walk-in-real-time methodology relevant for public health intervention: Towards an integrative approach.
Thiry L, Sprecher-Goldberger S, Jacquemin P, Cogniaux J, Burny A, Portetelle D, et al.
These "entropy" measures of diversification are borrowed from Jacquemin and Berry (1979).
The exhibition -- which is presided over by French journalist Marine Jacquemin, cast in the role of "Godmother" -- will feature a series of photographs taken in the 1980s, during Lebanon's Civil War, by George Azar, Patrick Baz, Jack Dabaghian, Aline Manoukian, Samer Mohdad and Roger Moukarzel, all of whom were in their 20s at the time the photos were taken.
Many of the theoretical models developed in these papers build on the seminal research by d'Aspremont and Jacquemin (1989) and Kamien, Muller, and Zang (1992).
By the 1980s, selective industrial policy deservedly had a bad name (Geroski and Jacquemin, 1985) and allowing creative destruction to take its course can be seen to have been a superior policy for high-income countries (Fogel et al.
POSNER, supra note 8, at 60-69; Alexis Jacquemin & Margaret E.
Studies have uncovered several factors which significantly affect persistence, including industry structure (Geroski & Jacquemin, 1988; Mueller, 1986; Waring, 1996), firm size or market share (Jacobsen, 1988; Mueller, 1986; Wiggins & Ruefli, 2002), degree of vertical integration (Jacobsen, 1988), innovative propensity (Roberts, 1999), and intangibility of assets (Villalonga, 2004), among others.