Henri, 19th-century French physician. See: Jacquart facial angle.
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A endogeneidade ocorre quando a variavel independente esta correlacionada com o erro, comprometendo os resultados estatisticos (Antonakis, Bendahan, Jacquart, & Lalive, 2014).
I want to thank Ellen Jacquart with the Indiana Field Office of The Nature Conservancy for encouraging me to present a paper on this topic for the Midwest Invasive Species Network Symposium, part of the North Central Weed Society Annual Conference in Indianapolis in 2015 and for her tireless work on invasive plant management for many years.
La editora es Directeur de recherche en el "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique" en Paris; el antecedente a la edicion fue un estudio suyo bajo la direccion de la profesora Danielle Jacquart, presentado en la "Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes", Paris, en 2012.
Le developpement des TIC dans le continent africain depend du developpement de l'infrastructure des technologies de l'information et de la communication ( TIC) , de l'utilisation des reseaux 3G et 4G ainsi que des Smartphones, a indique Damien Jacquart, associe au sein du cabinet Deloitte Afrique Francophone base a Tunis.
After the ubiquitous glass of fizz - a bargain drop of JACQUART BRUT MOSAIQUE CHAMPAGNE purchased from Sainsbury's which has featured in an earlier column - we careered through various glasses of red.
tte, TASTING NOTES: Taittinger, Hatte, Andre Jacquart & Fils.
Antonakis, Bendahan, Jacquart, and Lalive (2010) describe the issue of endogeneity as potentially caused by issues pertaining to the direction of relationships, or third variables, and suggest correlating the residual variances of a mediator and relevant outcomes to account for these potential influences--the correlation would account for alternatives to the assumed directional path.
Naomi was presented with a raspberry and blackberry cake and there was an endless supply of Jacquart cham pagne, which kept guests happy into the early hours.
Tim Hollis-Carroll (Enotria) donated a jeroboam of Jacquart champagne for the raffle that raised PS1,100.
Champagne Jacquart Rose Mosaic NV (Tesco, RRP PS30) A SOFT salmon pink.
In their landmark study of medieval medicine, Danielle Jacquart and Claude Alexandre Thomasset demonstrate that medieval scientists debated whether or not conception demanded an orgasmic emission of female seed: Aristotle said no, Hippocrates, Galen, and Avicenna said yes.