Henri, 19th-century French physician. See: Jacquart facial angle.
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Causal attribution thus considerably influences individuals' sensemaking of, and behavioral reactions to, events with or without expectations (Fiske & Taylor, 2013; Jacquart & Antonakis, 2015; Rodell & Lynch, 2016; Weiner, 1985).
Editor's note: This article describes some of the key sessions that JEA editor Mike Jacquart attended at EAPA 2018 Conference and EXPO Minneapolis.
Homegrown in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Jacquart Manufacturing began in 1958 when Robert J.
This time lagged survey was designed to overcome the issue of common method biasness (Antonakis, Bendahan, Jacquart, and Lalive, 2010; Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Lee, and Podsakoff, 2003).
Moreover, charisma has already been shown to be a determining factor of leaders' effectiveness (e.g., Awamleh & Gardner, 2003; Jacquart & Antonakis, 2015).
I want to thank Ellen Jacquart with the Indiana Field Office of The Nature Conservancy for encouraging me to present a paper on this topic for the Midwest Invasive Species Network Symposium, part of the North Central Weed Society Annual Conference in Indianapolis in 2015 and for her tireless work on invasive plant management for many years.
Petersburg, silver, gilt, height 21.2 cm, maker's mark Marc Jacquart. Paris warranty stamp 1798-1809.