Hans C., Swedish surgeon, 1879-1937. See: Jacobaeus operation.
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Laparoscopy-the early attempts: spotlighting Georg Kelling and Hans Christian Jacobaeus.
Scallop species such as the smooth (or white) scallop Flexopecten glaber, the variegated scallop Chlamys varia [currently placed in genus Mimachlamys and referred as synonym to the black scallop Mimachlamys varia (Linnaeus, 1758)], the Saint James scallop (or pilgrim's) Pecten jacobaeus (Linnaeus, 1758), and the queen scallop Aequipecten opercularis are the major representative species that are widely distributed in the Mediterranean (Mattei & Pellizzato 1996, Zenetos 1996).
News, it had been less than a century since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb; just over 50 years since Hans Christian Jacobaeus first created air pneumoperitoneum using a trocar, followed by the Nitze cystoscope; about 40 years since Richard Zollikofer created a carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum; 25 years since F.
For the analytical modelling of switching networks, the methods based on Jacobaeus approach [38] and linear programming can be used [39].
The first laparoscopy in humans was performed in Sweden by Christian Jacobaeus in 1910.
In 1911, Jacobaeus reported first laparoscopy procedure in humans.
The Mistery of angiography and the "Unawarded" Nobel Prize: Egas Moniz and Hans Christian Jacobaeus.
1995) exhaustively extracted (5x) carotenoids from fresh tissue of gills and digestive glands of Adamussium colbecki and Pecten jacobaeus with acetone and petroleum ether.
ercolanianus Cocconi, 1873, Macrochlamys latissima (Brocchi, 1814), Manupecten pesfelis (Linne, 1789), Palliolum excisum (Bronn, 1832), Pecten jacobaeus (Linne, 1789), P.
El trovador y patriarca de los cantautores daneses Povl Dissing, de longeva y reconocida trayectoria desde los sesenta entre los medios intelectuales por sus piezas politicas y blues en su idioma, da vida al poema rimado de Jacobaeus Dissing, Halvejs vaagen (Medio despierto).
Jacobaeus is considered the father of thoracoscopic surgery, because he was the first to describe and undertake the procedure of endoscopic exploration of the thorax.