Jacob, Octave

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Octave, French physician.
Jacob disease - inability to open the mouth secondary to mandibular constriction.
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These advisory committees, especially ACBSA, emphasize blood safety and availability from these different perspectives, but a newer one has emerged recently because of variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease and the possibility of its transfusion transmission.
And according to the 12th annual report of the National Creutsfeldt Jacob Disease Surveillance Unit, people living in the North of England are 150% more likely to get vCJD than those in the South.
The first case of BSE was identified in British cattle in 1986 and a decade later, researchers linked it to another human TSE, known as Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease (CJD).
Inflammatory, allergenic, and anaphylactic reactions, as well as neurodegenerative diseases, such as new variant Creutzfeld Jacob Disease (nvCJD), caused by transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, have all been reported and linked to exposure to bovine- and porcine-derived products.
International demand for the ENT EndoSheath continues to be high, especially in Europe and Australia, and we believe this is due to concerns about Creutzfeld Jacob Disease ("CJD"), the human form of Mad Cow Disease.
GOVERNMENT ministers have denied a link between Mad Cow Disease and its human equivalent Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease (CJD) for ten years.
Instead he has agreed to back UK campaigns to reassure consumers, despite scores of cases of Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease in Britain.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Ann Veneman is focusing on protecting the image of the American meat industry when she should be protecting American consumers, PETA is embarking on an aggressive campaign to publicize the facts about mad cow disease and its connection to Creutzfeldt Jacob disease, as well as the meat-associated dangers of E.
Human variations include Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease (CJD) and variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease (vCJD).
Seventeen stone and 6ft 7in Matthew turned from a happy go lucky rugby enthusiast into a human vegetable after contracting the new variant of Creutzfeld Jacob Disease.
The three-year worldwide ban was imposed in March 1996 after links were identified between BSE and a human form of the brain disease called new variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease.
Detailed tests on Ann Richardson's brain by experts at the CJD Surveillance Unit in Edinburgh confirmed she was a victim of Creutzfeldt- Jacob Disease.