Jackson membrane

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prececocolic fascia

a thin, inconstant portion of endoabdominal fascia, in the form of a vascular membrane or veillike adhesion, crossing anterior to the cecum and extending superiorly onto a portion of the ascending colon, sometimes as far as the right colic flexure; it may be involved or may cause the bowel to kink or become obstructed.
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Jack·son mem·brane

(jak'sŏn mem'brān)
A thin vascular membrane or veillike adhesion, covering the anterior surface of the ascending colon from the cecum to the right flexure; it may cause obstruction by kinking of the bowel.
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Jabez N., U.S. surgeon, 1868-1935.
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Jackson membrane - a thin vascular membrane or veil-like adhesion covering the anterior surface of the ascending colon from the cecum to the right flexure. Synonym(s): Jackson veil
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Jackson veil - Synonym(s): Jackson membrane
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