Jackson Hole Group

A think tank composed of academicians, businessmen, publishers, and captains of the health care industry who periodically convene to discuss policies and implementation of health care reform
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Ellwood's revelation about the Jackson Hole Group's exclusion from the Clinton Health Reform debacles and their damaging impact on the idealism of health care leaders was quite enlightening, but not totally surprising.
Ellwood, a pediatric neurologist and president and CEO of the Jackson Hole Group, proposed a more complex system that would take quality and outcomes into account as well as cost and efficiency.
He told Broad he planned to launch a think-tank-style project that he hoped would do for schools what the famed Jackson Hole group had done to advance ideas on health reform.
Fischer, MD, a former First Vice-President of the American College of Surgeons, Chairman of the Department of Surgery, and Associate Dean of Community Affairs at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, suggests in his article, "Our health care system: Where are we going?" in the March 2000 Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons that the public is finally beginning to recognize that the Jackson Hole Group and their concept of managed care has been dreadfully wrong.
ASIM staff led off a major discussion with a presentation of the white papers to the Jackson Hole Group, a regular meeting of leaders in managed-care innovation, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during August 1995.
It should be recalled that Minnesota is the home of Paul Ellwood, the father of the HMO movement, and the Jackson Hole Group, the cauldron of managed competition policy for President Clinton.
Robert O'Brien, the firm's executive vice president, was a member of the Jackson Hole Group (a Wyoming-based think tank that originated the "managed competition" model) and saw little need to continue an affiliation with the HIAA.
The NBCH has been an active participant in the Jackson Hole Group that has developed the managed competition approach to health care reform.
The hard position was championed on the task force by the staff of Congressman Jim Cooper and by members of the Jackson Hole Group, of which Enthoven and Ellwood are leading figures, who distributed among the working groups their manuals on how to implement health care reform.
Enthoven is a core figure in the nonprofit Jackson Hole Group, which meets regularly in that Wyoming resort area at a house specially built for the purpose by Paul Ellwood, a physician who is chief executive officer of both the Group and InterStudy, a Minneapolis-based think tank committed to promoting health-maintenance organizations.
The plan's immediate origins date to the mid-1970s and the "Jackson Hole group," an informal think tank that operated out of the Wyoming home of Dr.
The Jackson Hole Group admits that "employer mandates are a form of employment tax."(42) They claim, however, that their explicit taxes would be "fairer" than the current system of allocating costs.

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