Jaboulay pyloroplasty

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Ja·bou·lay py·lo·ro·plas·ty

a side-to-side gastroduodenostomy, useful when the pylorus and proximal duodenum are extensively scarred or indurated by peptic ulcer disease.
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Jaboulay pyloroplasty

A pyloroplasty in which the pyloric antrum and proximal duodenum are opened separately and then joined side-to-side by overlapping them. This procedure is typically used to relieve gastric outlet obstruction.
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Mathieu, French surgeon, 1860-1913.
Jaboulay amputation - amputation of an entire leg together with the os coxae. Synonym(s): hemipelvectomy
Jaboulay button
Jaboulay method - anastomosis of arteries by splitting the cut ends a short distance, suturing the flaps together, and applying intima to intima. Synonym(s): broad marginal confrontation method
Jaboulay pyloroplasty - a side-to-side gastroduodenostomy.
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