Mathieu, French surgeon, 1860-1913. See: Jaboulay pyloroplasty, Jaboulay amputation.
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The mainstay of treatment continues to be traditional repairs via a scrotal incision, such as the Jaboulay technique (1) or Lord's procedure.
Mathieu Jaboulay, a French surgeon, reported the first kidney transplants into humans in 1906.
This fact opened the door for surgeons as Mathieu Jaboulay and Alexis Carrel to find ways to replace sick tissues for healthy ones (13), so they could understand and treat many diseases that were incomprehensible and incurable at the time.
Mathieu Jaboulay, a French surgeon, performed first 1906 xenograft (pig and goat) kidney transplants into humans.
Contract award: Lyon (69007) accommodation SNI Jaboulay and St Lazare - market mastery of private work - complete rehabilitation