Mathieu, French surgeon, 1860-1913. See: Jaboulay pyloroplasty, Jaboulay amputation.
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Jaboulay's eversion of sac was done for primary vaginal hydrocele, which accounts for 40%.
Performed 1 Jaboulay's eversion 36 36% of sac 2 Subtotal excision 6 6% and eversion of sac 3 Partial excision and 6 6% eversion of sac 4 Lord's Plication 9 9% Excision for epididymal cyst and 5 encysted hydrocele 20 20% of cord + spermatocele 6 Herniotomy 14 14% 7 Incision and 4 4% drainage 8 Evacuation of clot 3 3% and eversion of sac Subtotal excision in 9 secondary 2 2% hydrocele Total 100 Table 8.
The mainstay of treatment continues to be traditional repairs via a scrotal incision, such as the Jaboulay technique (1) or Lord's procedure.
Mathieu Jaboulay, a French surgeon, reported the first kidney transplants into humans in 1906.
This fact opened the door for surgeons as Mathieu Jaboulay and Alexis Carrel to find ways to replace sick tissues for healthy ones (13), so they could understand and treat many diseases that were incomprehensible and incurable at the time.
Table 1: Comparison of duration of hospital stay Treatment modality Duration of hospital stay (in days) Jaboulay's 6 Injection sclerotherapy 0 COMPARISON OF THE PAIN WITH RESPECT TO EACH TREATMENT MODALITY:
Thus there was 6 fold increases in cost in the Jaboulay's group when compared to sclerotherapy.
Mathieu Jaboulay, a French surgeon, performed first 1906 xenograft (pig and goat) kidney transplants into humans.
Surgical treatment of idiopathic hydrocoele includes 4 basic techniques (7)--Lord's plication (8), Winkelmann's partial excision and eversion of the sac, Jaboulay's eversion of the sac (9) and Radical excision of the sac (7).
Primary vaginal hydrocoele was managed by two techniques, Lord's plication, and Jaboulay's eversion of sac.