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A chronic and contagious disease of the lungs in sheep and goats, first described in South Africa, which evokes lung tumour formation
Aetiology Ovine retrovirus—Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus
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Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus can be detected in the peripheral blood during the pre-clinical period of sheep pulmonary adenomatosis.
Colostrum and milk can transmit jaagsiekte retrovirus to lambs.
Histological patterns of the metastases in pulmonary adenomatosis of sheep (Jaagsiekte).
Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus is necessary and sufficient to induce a contagious lung cancer in sheep.
Jaagsiekte retrovirus establishes a disseminated infection of the lymphoid tissues of sheep affected of pulmonary adenomatosis.
Rapid transmission of sheep pulmonary adenomatosis (jaagsiekte) in young lambs.
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Nasal symptoms may be prominent, with nasal discharge and stertorous respiration 3 Parainfluenza Paramyxovirus Sheep and Mostly associated goats with enzootic pneumonia 4 Caprine Retrovirus Neurologic Lymphocytic mastitis arthritis disease in and hard firm udders encephalitis kids and along with chronic virus arthritis wasting in adults 5 Ovine Oncogenic Sheep Chronic emaciation, progressive retrovirus of weakness, dyspnea, pneumonia subfamily lymphoproliferative (maedivisna) Lentiviridae pneumonia, meningeal arteritis with encephalitis, nonsuppurative arthritis, and lymphocytic mastitis Enzootic Retrovirus Sheep and Signs of inspiratory 6 nasal tumors, goats dyspnea along with ovine seromucoid nasal pulmonary discharge adenomatosis (Jaagsiekte) 7 Enzootic M.