juvenile chronic arthritis

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ju·ve·nile ar·thri·tis

, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
chronic arthritis beginning in childhood, most cases of which are pauciarticular, that is, affecting few joints. Several patterns of illness have been identified. In one subset, primarily affecting girls, iritis is common and antinuclear antibody is usually present; another subset, primarily affecting boys, frequently includes spinal arthritis resembling ankylosing spondylitis. Some cases are true rheumatoid arthritis beginning in childhood and characterized by the presence of rheumatoid factor and destructive deforming joint changes, often going into remission at puberty.
See also: Still disease.
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The patient group comprised 131 Estonian children diagnosed with JIA during the population-based prevalence and incidence studies in the Children's Clinic, Tartu University Hospital and Tallinn Children's Hospital during 1995-2000 [16-18].
Jia Pingwa: I was a victim of the Cultural Revolution.
The CSRC may not have the authority to force Jia back to China, but it is a sign of increased efforts to protect investors in the country's fledgling stock market.
The study, which was conducted at regional University hospital (Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina) between January 2011 and December 2013, included 30 children (7 boys, 23 girls; mean age 8.8 [+ or -] 5.3 years; range 1 to 18 years), who had been diagnosed with JIA (18 children were diagnosed during the study period and 12 children were diagnosed before the start of the study) and had active disease during the study period.
"We will focus on China, American and India and achieve breakthroughs in these three valuable regional markets," Jia wrote in the letter.
John Ioannou: Depression can worsen JIA, and JIA can drive depression.
Taking into consideration the above-mentioned relations, the present quantitative evaluation of both CS, as an early marker of aggrecan degradation, and chondroitin sulfate 846 epitope (CS846), as a biomarker of aggrecan synthesis, is an attempt at answering the question whether the therapy used in JIA patients, whose purpose is to reduce the inflammatory and immunological parameters of the disease activity, simultaneously contributes to the normalization of biochemical changes in aggrecan and thus inhibits the dysfunction of articular cartilage.
JIA is the most common chronic MSK condition in children and the most common cause of MSK disability.
Prior to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Jia Jia was a quantitative trader at Citadel Securities.
Jia Jia Zhang will be senior quantitative researcher.