Sims, J. Marion

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J. Marion, U.S. gynecologist, 1813-1883.
Sims anoscope
Sims cannula
Sims curette
Sims dilator
Sims double-ended retractor
Sims double-ended speculum
Sims knife
Sims needle
Sims plug
Sims position - facilitates vaginal examination. Synonym(s): English position; lateral recumbent position; semiprone position
Sims probe
Sims proctoscope
Sims retractor
Sims scissors
Sims sound
Sims speculum
Sims suction tip
Sims suture
Sims tenaculum
Sims uterine sound - a slender flexible sound.
Sims vaginal decompressor
Sims vaginal speculum
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J. Marion Sims for relocation to Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, where Sims is buried, accompanied by signage with historical context.
Meanwhile, Garner has been researching a particular historical white man, the sadistic gynecologist J. Marion Sims, and his brutal experiments on enslaved women.
For example, there's J. Marion Sims, the first man credited with founding a hospital for women in New York.