Ivory Wave

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A product sold as powdered bath salts on the internet, in so-called 'head shops' and market stalls, often with a label 'not for human consumption’. It has been billed as providing a 'legal high' given its content of the psychoactive agent MDPV, a powerful stimulant recently banned in the UK as a Class B drug. Ivory Wave surfaced in the UK drug scene in 2009, and was billed as providing a legal high, prompting warnings to all A&E departments, after dozens of overdose cases appeared in Cumbria, Lothian and Dorset. Not all packages of Ivory Wave contain the same thing—e.g., some have lidocaine—but MDPV has an amphetamine-like effect with tachycardia, tachypnoea, visual and auditory hallucinations, and psychotic reactions so severe that extra hands are needed to keep patients on their trolleys and from harming themselves and others
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He said: "It is important to know the risks of taking Ivory Wave and how it can affect you.
Ivory Wave is sold legally for about Au15 a packet and is advertised as relaxing bath salts.
It said there was clear evidence that substances advertised as new drugs, including Ivory Wave, often contained drugs, such as mephedrone, which are harmful and already banned.
She said there was "shedloads" of Ivory Wave on offer in Wales, while many users are still taking mephedrone - which was outlawed in April after being linked to more than 20 deaths.
Mind-bending Ivory Wave - dubbed worse than "meow meow" - is being openly sold as "soothing" bath salts for pounds 15 a packet.
The news comes after the body of Michael Bishton, 24, who is believed to be the first person to die as a result of taking Ivory Wave, was pulled from the sea by fisherman off Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight on Saturday.
Ivory Wave has already been blamed for one death this year and A3A has been singled out for causing temporary pychosis attacks which can last for days.
Dr Kate Wilmer, Consultant Cardiologist at West Cumberland Hospital, said that Ivory Wave seems to produce symptoms much worse than those associated with Mephedrone, or miaow miaow, which was banned earlier this year.
And yesterday, health officials took the unusual step of issuing a public warning about Ivory Wave.
The bottom line is that this product does give a very good buzz, however this has to be offset against what can only be described as a biblical hangover that lasted 72 hours," said one informed user of Ivory Wave.
DEADLY Ivory Wave DANGER Illegal cannabis factory near Aylesbury, Bucks, raided by police on Monday
A MAN thought to be the first in Britain to die after taking new party drug Ivory Wave had suffered mental health problems after abusing another legal drug.