Ivory Tower Syndrome

A popular term for the relative disregard that academic physicians may have for economic and other realities when teaching medical students
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Among his topics are the ivory tower syndrome, the ground we walk on fluids, surface parings, validation study of three-dimensional striations from outsoles, the potential of electrostatics, and toward a unified theory.
He too said Taylor deserved credit for sorting the nitty-gritty detail to get the GBGB off the ground, but was disappointed at what he termed an 'ivory tower syndrome' setting in.
Franchisors can't be successful breathing their own ether, falling victim to "ivory tower syndrome." They've got to stay connected.
Bernardo Bertolucci's shift from exotic epics back to European settings has underscored the Ivory Tower syndrome in his later work, depicting characters in situations of privileged isolation that make those films inaccessible to many audiences.